Welcome to the Boxy Ladies
LOCATION.... 28/4/04 THE THIRD DEGREE, Bar Open, Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria
BOXY LADIES: the big night out
Episode 1 Scene 1
The BOXY LADIES are out for a big night. GWYNNE is finally going to meet to boxy man of her dreams.
The BOXY LADIES are all very excited and dressed to the nines.
Episode 1 Scene 2
Ron Moss, the boxy man, is late.
The BOXY LADIES start to worry for GWYNNE. She was really looking forward to finally meeting him. She had loved him through CAROLYNE, TAYLOR, BROOKE and even SAM.
She knew that once she got to meet him, he would be hers alone.
BUT the cancer of doubt is setting in.
Episode 1 Scene 3
IT HAS become clear that Ron is not going to show.
The BOXY LADIES have decided to go to the bar to try and PICK UP.
GWYNNE will cry.
The BOXY LADIES are on the prowl.
photo by Amal Laala
LOCATION....4/5/04 NOOK & CRANNY, RMIT Bundoora cafeteria
BOXY LADIES: the mid morning coffee after the disappointment of the night before
Episode 2 Scene 1
Lottie thinks Gwynne is kidding herself in regards to the relationship potential with Boxy Man Ron Moss…Bronwyn doesn't really care at this point about Gwynne and her Boxy Man fantasies. She was dreamily reliving a nearly steamy moment late last night out the back of the restaurant/ latin dance club that she and this bloke worked at.
photo by cathy parry
Episode 2 Scene 2
Gwynne was SO embarrassed about last night at THE THIRD DEGREE. She was so sure that Ron Moss, the Boxy Man of her dreams would meet her there (culminating of course in a passionate embrace on the dance floor)
The other Boxy Ladies had warned her, and now she didn't know where to turn
photo by cathy parry
LOCATION....at home 16/2/05
BOXY LADY: Carmellina wonders why
Episode 3
From a completely different script writer, and perhaps in a cheap marketing ploy with no respect to committed viewers, the following scene occurs:
Carmellina sat by her half finished log cabin and wondered why the man she respected and loved turned into a stupid boy and walked away.
photo by cathy parry
BOXY LADIES: Gywnne, still not over Ron
Episode 4
Gwynne has a phantom boxy pregnancy & Nurse Betty is giving her an ultrasound. (a vision of Ron Moss appears by her bedside) The doctor has sent word via Nurse Betty that Gwynne actually has gallstones, but Gwynne has already sent the email to Ron Moss that she is expecting his love child.
IMAGE: not released from hospital archives
LOCATION....12th September 2005, Fitzroy
BOXY LADIES: coffee, clothes and photos
Episode 5 Scene 1
A tea party was had at trendy little Rosamond in Fitzroy. Bronwyn got wind of news that there might be a photographer there, searching for models. The Boxy Ladies tarted up and went out on a cold Monday afternoon (fashionable girls don't mind an icy midriff if the occasion calls). Estelle the Photographer did indeed arrive and spotted the spunky group of girls. Permission was given and many photos were taken with coffee and tea.
Episode 5 Scene 2
Estelle the Photographer was so taken by the Boxy Ladies that she suggested they go to groovy Brunswick Street for another location shot. Carmellina suggested her favourite store Harem, a super girly pink with frills and copious fake flowers shop that emanated a super girly smell, sorry, fragrance. They all lounged around on an old fashioned bed and a red velvet chaise-longe looking as beautiful as was knittedly possible. With the help of Estelle the Photographer, the Boxy Ladies were now certain of their fame spreading far and wide, hoping it would mean free travel and well-paid endorsements galore.
photo by estelle ihasz
LOCATION....29th September - 3rd October 2005, Newcastle
BOXY LADIES: Stuffed (TINA festival)
Episode 6
They have all somehow ended up in Newcastle. Lottie had booked their week long party in Bali (overextending her already overworked credit card when the free travel hadn't come through in time). But something has gone wrong. After seeing a bright light then missing out on several days in the Gregorian calendar, they find themselves sitting in a café in Newcastle. Did someone mention alien abduction? They decided they would go and check out the streets of this city, looking for the latest cool shops and graffiti walls, but have been stopped and told to sit and wait. Quarantined, apparently. Everyone is ignoring Lottie in the absence of being able to bitch behind her back.
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