Something appears to have landed. Splashed down. Was it there before? Or has it just gone for a dip? Something affects something else, the ripples may be the only sign.


RMIT Building 220 Ripples

A building requested its reflection to be drawn on the grounds in front. It wanted to be like the building across the way whose long windows would reflect light on the dew every morning.
drawing of building 220 and reflection drawing of end of building220
building 220
Much discussion was had and ideas transformed. A drawing such as the one desired by the building was not necessarily visually interesting and quite complicated. The lake was eyed off by the building and so said it would like to go for a swim. Ripples could be drawn and were decided upon, lime fortuitously bought and scientific tests researched. School physics book located and ripple tank made from household items.
plan of building 220 grounds plan showing building 220 and proposed drawing site
model of building used in ripple tank working ripple tank
photo of ripple image photo of ripple image


A rainy day was chosen by accident. It appeared to clear, but tricked us. Our simple right angle drawing technique worked a charm, but the lime was neither thick enough, nor was it dry enough to stay attached to the ground. The thin lines that were to act as a sketch for me to draw over the next day with a new recipe of white were washed away with the thunder and lightening and rain.
Cathy with line marker line marking
Cathy and Chris marking lines line marking
view from building 220, mid-marking line running through garden

Object Ripples

Small ripples were decided upon as an alternative for Spring Intervention. Santa snow found pre-season and used for temporary drawings on concrete. Pink paint used for ripples on grass.
carpark ripples handrail ripples
soccer posts overlapping ripples overlapping ripples
pole ripples small monument ripples

Future Ripples

Ripples are yet to appear around other objects: rubbish, new parking meters, abandoned cars. Connecting with each other, their neighbours and those people that are affected by their presence.
bin ripples (mockup) rubbish ripples (mockup)
parked car ripples (mockup)

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© garden and line marking ripples Kathleen McCann 2004


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